Sogol-White Mulberry Dry Fruits

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Sogol-White Mulberry Dry Fruits

The White Mulberries are deliciously sweet and certified organic dried products that contain a variety of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

These products are few centimeters long, and far sweeter than the black and red mulberries.

They have a low acidity and a mild honey-like flavor.

White Mulberries are completely pure and free from sulphur dioxide, artificial sugars and other additives.

Besides, they are 100% organic sun dried, gluten-free and organic for maximum taste and nutrition.

Dried White Mulberry Organic Sun Dried Mulberries Gluten Free White Mulberries – 8Oz

These crunchy, delicious, and nutritious organic dried mulberries are an amazing snack.

They naturally have a mild, sweet taste .

They are also a good source of dietary fiber.

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