Sogol-Seeds Special-4 Types Of Seeds

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Sogol-Seeds Special-4 Types Of Seeds


Mixed seed kernels, a favorite combination of:
Jaboni R/S
Squash L/S
Pumkin R/S
Fancy Melon Lemon

Which brings a very delicious and tasty taste in your mouth.

Also, by craving the mixed seed kernel, you deliver a mixture of a variety of nutrients to your body, including vitamin E, vitamin C, copper, zinc and. . . .

These nutrients help your various problems such as skin diseases, cancer, blood sugar, hair strengthening and growth, lowering cholesterol, preventing osteoporosis, lowering blood pressure, improving nervous system function, improving immune system function, heart health It is very useful for digestion and digestion, reducing anxiety, bladder stones, treating prostate and brain health.

This combination is also very useful for growing children and adolescents and helps their health.

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