Sogol-Dried Lime/Lemon Omani/Amani

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Sogol-Dried Lime/Lemon Omani/Amani

Omani or Amani lemon … this is the problem!

Wikipedia writes about Omani lemon as follows:

In Dehkhoda dictionary, this product is mentioned with the same name and it means sour lemon brought from Oman, but its fame is probably incorrectly mentioned as Omani, because Oman does not have a famous citrus and the correct name of the lemon is Amani.

This is because the city of Amman, the capital of Jordan, is famous for its lemon products, such as Lebanon and Palestine.

Now, whether this lemon is Omani or Amani, it is finally full of many benefits .

The nature of Omani lemon is based on traditional medicine, cold and dry

The parts used in the Omani lemon plant are the fruit, leaves and roots of the plant.

Some of the most important properties of Omani lemons are:

In traditional medicine, Omani lemon root is used to solve digestive problems.

Omani lemon root tea is useful for treating dysentery.

The leaves of the Omani lemon plant are useful for relieving headaches in the forehead.

is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, and therefore its consumption is effective for the prevention and treatment of colds at home.

of lemon increases appetite and is useful for strengthening the digestive system.

Eliminating bloating and helping to excrete bile is one of the properties of Omani lemon.

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