Sogol-Dried Fruits-4 Types Of Dried Fruits

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Sogol-Dried Fruits-4 Types Of Dried Fruits

This product includes:
Chili Mango

Since it is not always possible to store fresh fruit, they have been dried since ancient times to preserve fruit.

One of the main advantages of dried fruit over fresh fruit is:
It is stored for a period of time.

Dried fruit can be stored for a longer time without refrigeration.

Dried mango contains nutrients and strengthens the intestines, which is very easy to digest

The enzyme bromelain in dried pineapple can help reduce swelling, bruising, pain, and reduce the healing time of surgery wounds.

Bananas are an excellent source of vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system of pregnant women and increases iron absorption during pregnancy.

Dried ginger is in hair growth and strongly prevents hair loss. The use of dried ginger is useful in the treatment of acne and is considered as a kind of disinfectant.

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