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Haji Badam is a local sweet that is produced in some central cities of Iran (such as Nain), especially Yazd.

This sweet has a good nutritional value due to the presence of nutmeg and chickpea flour

Nutmeg relieves joint pain and rheumatism due to its special alkaloids

Of course, the word almond is used because of the presence of almonds in this sweet, but what does the word Haj mean?

Dr. Ali Sharghi, a Yazdi researcher, says: It is possible that the word Haj comes from the Turkish word Aji meaning bitter.

And because in Yazdi dialect Aji is pronounced similar to Haji, over time Aji Badam or bitter almond sweet has changed to Haji Badam.

Finally, it should be said that Haj Badami, apart from its unique taste, has a lot of nutritional value due to the presence of almonds, chickpea flour (in Kashani recipe) and nutmeg.
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