Aloo Bokhara

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Bukhara plum is in the category of dried fruits and is obtained by drying plums.

To prepare it, first plum gold drops are boiled in water and after the skin dries, it is removed and left in the sun to dry.

This product is very suitable for people with high blood pressure, because this nut is rich in potassium.

Plums contain large amounts of vitamin A, B6 and niacin.

Eating this product fresh or dried or using it in soups and meals is beneficial for the body and softens the abdomen and relieves itching in hot tempered people.

Hot-tempered people can boil half a kilo of plums in two liters of water to soften it, then strain it and eat it hot or cold.

This combination of plums is also very useful for people who cough and soften the chest.

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